Investment Managers Who Aim for Exemplary Results

Exemplary results demand exemplary people. We are exemplary people. Exemplary Wealth Management is a fee-based money management firm servicing private clients in the United States. Our firm's vision is socially responsible investing and putting the fiduciary obligation and clients' interest at the top. We manage one client at a time with the individual attention you deserve. That's because each investor is unique and has unique investment objectives, time horizon, and financial goals.


Who We Are

We’re a privately owned, independent money management and consulting firm headquartered in Texas with offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. We manage almost all aspects of the investment process for you, including account setup and transfers, asset allocation and trading, and ongoing portfolio management. We also provide business management consulting to run your business smoothly.


Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on socially responsible investing (SRI). Socially responsible wealth management is about all of us. The important thing is that we take the first step toward diversification by investing in the right products and organizations that promote the sustainable growth of our society and our planet.

By doing so, we contribute to making a positive social change in the lives of our fellow citizens, who live in the community that we serve. Minimizing the investor’s risk means the investor will continue investing in the community and provide jobs and incomes to employees. Thus, we could have a potential circular relationship between socially responsible investing, the investor, and the community.


Exemplary Wealth Management fees are simple and transparent. It is based on your portfolio size. We do not charge hidden commissions or huge overhead costs.

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Why Choose Us

Integrity and ethics are number 1 for us. It comes with fiduciary obligations. You will experience one-on-one investment guidance along with dedicated and tailored service to your needs. We believe that we should get paid only when your portfolio makes money. We do not charge for our services when your portfolio experiences negative returns. We only make money when you make money. It is a business partnership with your success in mind. Our performance is measured by you, the client.