Keep Your Money Safe With Our Financial Management

What We Offer

Our boutique private wealth management practice offers portfolio management, investment and tax advice, personal financial planning, estate planning and will, behavioral finance, risk management, and technical expertise. Our president and chief investment officer studied a Ph.D. in investment hedging utilizing financial options. It means that he brings both theoretical and practical knowledge to the table. You will receive independent and objective research.


Portfolio Management and Investment Services

Exemplary serves high net worth individuals and offers portfolio management customized to each investor to meet the client’s unique investment objectives, time horizon, and financial goals. When we tailor your portfolio, we also consider your liquidity needs, tax consideration, and retirement goals. We will provide portfolio diversification and asset allocation to balance the long-term investment objectives with the near-term needs.

We will implement an investment strategy and manage our clients’ financial assets on their behalf through the limited power of attorney. Exemplary does not take custody of clients’ assets. We will help you open a brokerage account in your name at a major and well-established American brokerage firm that provides custodial services for your financial assets.

We will buy and sell securities in your custodial accounts and manage your portfolio in agreement with your investment policy statement via delegation of authority granted to Exemplary through the limited power of attorney.


Benefits of Diversification

In 1952, Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz laid the foundation for the investment theory now known as modern portfolio theory and proved the benefits of diversification. Since the introduction of portfolio diversification, its benefits have been widely accepted and understood by investors. We believe in the same. We advocate that investors should diversify their assets not only within the asset classes but also globally.


Management Consulting

Management Consulting Division has both Commercial Practice and Government Contracting Practice.

Consulting engagements include strategic and organizational leadership to the finance and business activities of the firm to ensure financial reporting accuracy.

Overseeing budgets, forecasts, CAPEX, and strategic planning. Maintaining regulatory compliance with GAAP, IFRS, FAR, DFARS, CAS, and support agency (DCMA/DCAA) audits. Evaluating bids and proposals, risks and opportunities, and financial forecasts to optimize revenue and profit while improving cash flow. Partnering with leadership to review KPIs, performance metrics, financial results, and drive actions for improvement. Managing relationships with customers, external auditors, and banks.


Management Consulting Division Provides:

  • General Management Consulting
  • Strategic Planning Consulting
  • Financial Management Consulting
  • Financial Planning and Analysis (Budgeting/Forecasting)
  • Controllership and Accounting Consulting
  • Treasury Functions
  • Accounting System Evaluation and Assessment
  • Optimization of Shared Services
  • Internal Controls
  • Policies and Procedures
  • ERP System Selection and Implementation
  • Payroll System Implementation
  • Capacity Planning and CAPEX
  • Purchasing and Administration Services
  • Government Contract Consulting
  • CAS Disclosure Statements (DS-1)
  • Timekeeping System Implementation
  • Gov’t Accounting and Compliance
  • Incurred Cost Proposal Preparations
  • Assisting in DCAA/DCMA Audits
  • Bid and Proposal Support
  • Cost Estimating and TINA Proposals

Real Estate Investment

Exemplary is engaged in a few international real estate investment projects:

  • 3 Projects in Asia
  • 2 Projects in Eastern Europe

Our clients have the option of investing in real estate properties before the construction, during the construction, or after the construction of properties.